Christmas Game

Secret Black Belt Barrister

Sarah has been teaching Secret Barrister some black belt moves as the bad guys were closing in

Unfortunately SB kicked over some of the Secret Santa presents. Can you help them pick them all up without getting caught by the MPs and the Media who are out to get you?

Mobile Play

This game runs Flash.  Sorry iPhone users, that means most of you won't be able to play (unless you use some third party software to run flash). You can at least see how your Android friends are doing on the leader-board here.

Android users can access the game using the Puffin browser (other browsers are available.)

Share your Score on Twitter

Challenge your friends, see who can get the best score, tweet your successes - and your failures. You know we'll enjoy the latter far more!


Brenda the Usher can help you

Make sure you click on all the bonus items, especially Brenda the Usher. She is your super hero, and will help you on your way!


With thanks to Secret Barrister and Royal Doulton for their kind permission to use the image of Bunnykins for this game.

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*NB Sarah Robson is not a Direct Access Barrister

Members of the Public should not telephone, but should see a solicitor

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