Patel v Fortis

(Leaving for technical non-compliance only not reasonable)

Modhwadia v Modhwadia

(First Tier Appeal - Failure to explain reason for offer not fatal)

Ilahi v Usman

(First Tier Appeal - CPR 45.24 engaged even when case automatically left, where that departure was caused by an act which the Claimant elected to take)

Doyle v Manchester Audi

(Omission to act causing claim to leave Portal was an election to leave)

Payne v Scott

(Where judge ordered case out of Portal was still Claimant's election to leave)

Uppal v Daudia

(No obligation to make offer in Portal, unreasonable to leave for that, D's Costs awarded on indemnity basis following finding that C acted unreasonably)

Rafiania v All Type Scaffolding Ltd

(No test of reasonableness for total failure to use the Portal)

Monteith v Carroll

(Making a pre-med offer did not justify leaving the Portal)

Hussain v Wardle

(Claim left Portal after Claimant failed to include mandatory information in the CNF)

Bursuc v EUI Ltd

(Not unreasonable to leave Portal Protocol because became too complex, applications to limit C to Portal costs cannot be made until claim concluded)

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